Every idea begins with a doodle. What I do is develop and refine those doodles; providing creatively visualized solutions which aid in communicating technical information, ideas and concepts utilizing 3D animation, illustration, and design. At the core of what I offer is the development of the story.

I strive to produce a blend of visual appeal and technical information that can be used across a range of mediums from presentations, web videos, power points, to marketing collateral for brochures, flyers or technical papers, etc. I am available to work on individual projects as needed or on more long-term projects for your marketing and communications needs. Working directly with you, I offer direct and customizable results for your creative projects.



What I do

What I Offer

My name is Timothy Freeman. I am a multi-disciplined 3d Animation and Illustration specialist located in the Houston area.

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of Houston in 2006 as an Honors Graduate with a cumulative GPA of 3.6. After earning my degree, I began developing bio-medical animations right out of college. This helped me further my career in the technical visualization field as well sparked my interest in expanding my skill-sets into other industries. From there I transitioned into contracting roles developing technical marketing animations and graphics for the oil and gas industry.

Aside from being an artist, I am a father of two wonderful creatures, and I’m probably a nerd, but more on the cool side of nerdy. Throughout my junior and high school years I played football, all the while playing RPG games and being an honor student. I attended the University of Houston to study architecture shortly after high school. Changed majors after my first year, just wasn’t into the planning and procedural aspect of the craft. I enjoy architecture more for its history, science and philosophy behind designing structures. My music of choice is heavy metal, no real preference, although the louder the better.  I am an amateur photography, enjoy painting, reading fantasy novels and like to study human nature which is intriguing. So all in all that is essentially some stuff about me, minus the embarrassing stuff.

Art Direction

With nearly 10 years of experience in media production and design, I bring a solid understanding toward solving creative projects and the problems that come with them. My focus is not just on the visuals but on the results of what the visuals will bring.

Story Development

Crafting a story is the bedrock for any design, even for non-video projects. The layout, color selection, negative space and even down to line width contribute to the story of any well-developed design. Translating complex information
into an intelligible
formula is what
deliver results.



Bridging the intent with the interest is an essential element for any creative project. My experience has been building these bridges since I began working as creative. Using a combination of animation, graphics and 3d I work directly with professional experts to create visualized solutions.


Every project is developed to the highest of standards. Once it is out there it is out there, so it has to be done right.


A little bit about me...

3d Animation

I am a highly skilled 3d generalist, with solid fundamentals regarding the varying range of specialties in 3d. My focus is on the process of developing the stories concept from start to finish. I am fully capable of producing small scale animations for digital and web use. Typical animation range from ten seconds to four plus minutes in duration.

  • Product or Services Demo
  • Product Visualization
  • Technical Visualization
  • Conceptual Demo
  • Motion Graphics

Illustrations & Graphics

Using a combination of 3d, digital painting and compositing to create engaging aesthetic imagery. I can develop a range of projects from simple graphics to full layouts for both digital and print requirements. The imagery can communicate complex ideas, presenting a clear understanding of your product or idea.

  • Technical Graphics
  • Information Graphics
  • Exploded Views and Diagrams
  • Product Illustrations
  • Vector Graphics

Design & Development

Design has been an interest of mine for some time. It has gone hand in hand with the majority of what I do as a creative. Developing logos and layouts was simply an interest that turned serious. Aside from design I also can assist with other development related areas, such as storyboard development, etc.

  • Logo Design (Brand Development)
  • Business Card and Stationary Design
  • Web Page Layouts
  • 3d Model Development
  • Storyboard Development
  • Story Development

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